Thank You Norfolk Tortoise Rescue for the love and dedication that you enthuse.  I know that our family tortoise will be loved and very well cared for with you Andrea with your 5 star care.

Sammy – February 2012

We visited Norfolk Tortoise Rescue last weekend  to see our family tortoise of 48 years Mabel.  I could not recognise her she acts like a teenager once again!!!  Andrea has nursed her back to health and she looks so happy and content.  The money which Andrea has spent making sure that all the tortoises have everything that they wish for, from heated log cabins to wonderful enclosures all planted out with the correct plants for the tortoises to hide in. They certainly have 5 star treatment, this has all come out of Andrea’s own pocket as Norfolk Tortoise Rescue is not a registered charity.

Keep up the good work Andrea, all your hard work has paid off.

Martine (Norfolk) – Sept 2011

When I first found your website, I was really worried about my dear old tortoise Freda, and was desperate for some help and advice. I emailed you but didn’t expect such a prompt reply – you got back to me the same day, and gave me your telephone number which I phoned the next day.
You put my mind at rest straight away, and gave me really good advice. You then offered to look after Freda, and get her back on her feet – an offer I jumped at.
What a lovely environment you have for your lovely, and loved tortoises, I had no worries about leaving Freda with you, and now you have offered her a home with you, and I can visit whenever I like.
You are a lovely caring young lady, and I am so glad we found you. Freda will live out her old age in comfort with lots of little friends for company, and with people who love her – which is what I wished for her.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
With love,
Liz  xxx (Sept 2011)

Considering we both work all day and our children do too we felt it wasn,t fair on Charlie and Pops to miss out on all the attention they were used to. We did not want to let them go to just anybody. But after finding and visiting Andrea with her family of tortoises, the way she looks after them and no expense is spared on their welfare, We were more than happy to leave them with her . 

Andrea is very knowledgeable in the care and up keep of tortoises and impressed us with her husbandry, also we know we will receive information about them from time to time because we will miss them dearly but believe we made the right decision 

Rita and Brian (Essex) – Sept 2011 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and after almost 4 years with our beloved Daphne, our family needed to find a home for her. Thankfully Andrea was there at hand. Her gentle touch and loving approach to her first meeting with Daphne was very moving and reassuring. Andrea picked Daphne up lovingly, looked her in the eyes and said “hello, who are you?” [or words to that effect] as if Andrea had known her all of her life. This moved me in such a way that I knew straight off that Daphne was going to be fine.

Andrea’s reassuring tone and years of understanding and appreciative care that she showed me while introducing me to her family of tortoises – all uniquely appreciated – was all I needed to hear and see. The environment and Andrea’s enthusiasm were exemplary and all to see. The out-houses for each tortoise and enclosures are well thought-out and she seemed to intuitively know what each tortoise needed. One creature, she told me, loved to sun itself in the flower bed. She also grows all her own wild plants and has built little wooden chalets for the tortoises to hibernate and overnight stays. I want to wholeheartedly endorse Andrea’s dedication and devotion to these ancient and peace-loving creatures. I will always miss Daphne but I know that she is going to be happy and loved in her new home. All the best, and I look forward to hearing about her in the future.

Kind regards, ROGER (East Sussex) – September 2011

I would like to just say a huge heart THANK YOU for the love and kindness you have showed Henry, we are over the moon that we have found a safe and loving home for our little man.  I cannot recommend Norfolk Tortoise Rescue highly enough.

Melanie – August 2011

A very big thank you to Andrea and Norfolk Tortoise Rescue for the help that you have given to our family.  With much thought and many sleepless nights thinking about who would love and cherish my parents tortoise the way they cared for her, we then came across Norfolk Tortoise Rescue.  As soon as I visited Andrea and I knew straight away that she is the right lady to look after my parents beloved Tortoise.  The love and kindness that she shows to all her tortoises shines straight through. I believe they are truly loved and cared for by Andrea, my parents would be so happy knowing that they are now being looked after in the way that they cared for her after all the years.

Sarah and Marc – June 2011

When the vet said that Bobbie (aged approx 70) would need help with feeding due to her damaged eyesight and indoor accommodation as she could no longer be a full-time garden tortoise, we knew that we would have to find a new home for her.

My husband set to on the computer on a search for good home for her and, after finding a few possible candidates, came across Norfolk Tortoise Rescue. After exchanging emails and speaking on the phone to Andrea, we felt that she sounded just the right person to give Bobbie the kind of attention we were no longer able to offer her – quite a wrench after having her for approx 45 years!

So we set off forNorfolkand Andrea. Having met her and after being introduced to all the other lucky residents, we were quite happy to leave Bobbie there, confident that not only would she be well looked after, but loved too!

Since then we have received emails with photos of Bobbie looking very contented in her new home and we look forward to visiting her as soon as we can.

Wendy – May 2011

On first arriving at Norfolk Tortoise Rescue we were taken with the sight of calm, beautiful land, lush long green grass, packed with all the weeds in the world that could appeal to these gorgeous little shelled friends of ours. All Andrea’s Tortoise’s raced about in the sunshine merrily chomping away without a care in the world. For some we learnt, this day of love and worry free munching could not of come sooner as we were reminded not all of these little shells with age old minds had not had a good start to life, or simply time had moved on, leaving them behind and their new family was waiting to be found.

All of these little characters at Norfolk Tortoise Rescue only thrive because of Andrea’s fantastic knowledge and huge, kind heart that she lends out on a regular basis. She can cater for every tortoise’s need, illness, and sad soul that arrive.

During our pre-tortoise visits, Andrea helped answer all our questions and concerns about re-homing. Andrea is always on standby for the odd email of ‘’can I just ask…’’.

You can instinctively tell that Andrea will provide a safe and happy place for your Tortoise. Norfolk Tortoise Rescue isn’t just a retreat for unwanted Tortoise’s, but also a place for boarding. Oh yes, there’s a place for tortoise holiday s too! I truly believe Norfolk Tortoise Rescue is in fact a 5* hotel for tortoises. I can almost send a guarantee for this amazing place, that you will come back after your holiday or house move, to your Tortoise ‘three times the size’ and with a very big grin!

Andrea, Thank You for all your help and on-going support, with the biggest Thank you, for matching up our little Lulu to our family, where so far, much love and laughter have been enjoyed, all because of a little shell and cheeky peeping eyes.

Allie, James, Amelia and Harry the cat xxxxx – May 2011

I have owned my Tortoise Henry for over 40 years, when holiday time arrives I always  worry when leaving Henry behind that he will be looked after the same way that I look after Henry.  I met Andrea and her tortoises and they all seemed so well cared for and loved.  The tortoise house is absolutely immaculate and she showed me the weeds she grows for them all.  Every tortoise she showed me had a story and I must say they have all fell in good hands!!, they are all so clearly loved and pampered.  Andrea and the environment was so perfect for Henry that I knew in my heart he would be in safe hands for the time I was away.  On my return Henry was snoozing is his enclosure looking very well  he didn’t even notice that I was there, he looked like he had been on holiday also!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank Andrea for the love and attention to detail that you offered Henry, I never have to worry about going on holiday again.

Ruth – March 2011

Just a quick thank you for letting us adopt Clio he has brought so much fun to our family.  The way you dealt with rehoming him was brilliant, you asked all the right questions before you even told us that you had a tortoise to rehome.  I understand  why you had to come and visit us to look at his surroundings and his housing arrangements so you knew he was being looked after the best possible way.  I think it was a brilliant idea that you directed us to a Tortoise Club so we understood what we were actually taking on.  I found the meetings very informative so we knew exactly how to feed and look after Clio when the time arrived.  I look forward to seeing you again soon so you can see just how happy Clio is in his new home.

Anna – March 2011

Thank you Andrea for the advice on looking after our old tortoise Razzle, we highly recommend Norfolk Tortoise Rescue you are certainly doing a fantastic job!

Meryl – April 2011