Daphne – 4 year old Horsfield Tortoise

Cecil is over 50 years old.  He loves sunning himself in the garden munching on his favorite nibble dandelions!!

Florence is a Leopard Tortoise she weighs over 30lbs she has been with me for many years.  She grazes on grass and when she needs a snooze she is housed in a  heated beautiful log cabin.








Lily was rescued she was kept in a vivarium which was far to small for her and her shell grew wonky.  She has so much character and just follows me around the garden.

Tiny Toby is just so adorable, he is 45 years old and can sit in the palm of my hand!

Winnie is a beautiful Spur-Thighed Tortoise








Mable eating her favourite snack Dandelions

Tiny Toby in the Garden








Tinky in the garden sunning herself

Bobbie drinking in the garden








Tutti and Fruitti 








Timmy strolling round the garden








Charlie and Pops –  Marginated Tortoises (Testudo Marginata)