Welcome to Norfolk Tortoise Rescue


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At Norfolk Tortoise Rescue we can offer any species of tortoise a loving family home. We have a large secure garden for them to roam and live a long and happy life, to anyone who can no longer keep theirs for whatever reason. Know that your tortoise will have a long and happy life with someone who has the time to give them the love and care they need and deserve. At Norfolk Tortoise Rescue we will send regular pictures and let you know how they are settling in to reassure your peace of mind, as it’s hard to let go of the pet you so dearly love.

New Arrivals


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Stanley and Boris are Leopard Tortoises they are our new arrivals at Norfolk Tortoise Rescue, I must say they are have such delightful characters always up to mischief.

Tiny Toby is just adorable, he is 45 years old and can sit in the palm of my hand!

Milton is a beautiful 11 years old Male Hermann

Dollie is also 11 years old Female Hermann

Hartley is Dollie’s Boyfriend, he is a lovely little chap!

Mabel is a very old lady, she is absolutely beautiful

Bobbie is approx 70 years old and she has just arrived at Norfolk Tortoise Rescue

Timmy has just arrived, he loves strolling round the garden eating the Sedum plant leaves that are growing in abundance this year.








Pops and Charlie –  Marginated Tortoises (Testudo Marginata)