Accomodation at Norfolk Tortoise Rescue

All our tortoises at Norfolk Tortoise Rescue are cared for with so much love and attention.  I spend a lot of time with the tortoises so they are always feel loved and cherished.  We have ample of grazing for the tortoises so they can feed on the grass and laze in the sun.  Here at Norfolk Tortoise Rescue. We grow weeds so the tortoises are always fed the correct diet. 

As you can see we have log cabins that accommodate the Tortoises, this is the Leopard Tortoise House.  Log Cabins are fantastic for housing the Tortoises as they hold the heat extremely well in the winter.  We have heating in the Leopard’s house its like a sauna 32 degrees in the warm end with the basking lights and 24 degrees in the cool end.